Sardines Game

Sardines Game

Literally, sardine is a common name which is used to refer various tiny oily fishes within the herring family of Clupeidae. Too technical, right?  Thankfully, this sardines is a game and not fishes in the sea however there is a meaty reference with the fishes.

Sardines is basically a  variation of the popular game Hide and Seek. It’s almost like reverse engineering Hide and Seek. Instead of one person trying to find all the hidden person, in sardines, a person hides and all the remaining players try to find the person.


Location: Preferably Outdoors

Equipment: None

Age Group: 8 and above

Group Size: 4-20

How to play Sardines Game?

  • A player is randomly chosen from the group.
  • All the other players go elsewhere where they can not see the chosen player.
  • The players chooses an unlikely hiding place.
  • The other players now come to the location and try to locate the hidden player.
  • The players who locate the hider hide with them.
  • The objective of this game is to avoid being the last player to join the group.
  • The player to come last now takes his turn hiding and the game repeats.

Here is The Youtub3 family having fun while playing Sardines:

Why is this game called Sardines?

As the players begin to find the hider and join him/her in the hiding place, the place becomes progressively cramped like Sardines cramped in a tin jar.

like Sardines cramped in a tin jar

Key Takeaways:

  • Make sure there are no sharp objects in the playing field.
  • While choosing the hiding place, instead of focusing on choosing a rare place, focus on choosing a deceptively common place as the searchers are likely to search in rare places.
  • You can reward a point for the player who finds the hider first and the player with highest point wins the game.

Learning Outcomes:

  • This game helps to increase the awareness in the players.
  • Sardines also bolsters the ability to pay attention to minor details.
  • This game also helps to improve communication between the team both while searching for the hider and becoming sardines.