Secret Santa

Secret Santa, a great icebreaker and team building activity for festivals

Secret Santa is a great festive game and also a great icebreaker. As the name suggest this game is all about the spirit of Christmas. Secret Santa properly sums up the joy of giving and helps to increase the bonding between the players. Secret Santa is referred in many movies including one of my favorite The Perks of Being A Wallflower.

Enjoy darling Emma Watson and charming Logan Lerman having fun playing this game.


Equipment: Gift of your choice, Tapes, Wrapping Paper

Time: 15-30 minutes

Group Size: 5-20

Effective Age Group: 12 and above

How To Play Secret Santa?

This game functions the best if it’s played around Christmas time but is equally effective around any holidays. Bear in mind this game requires a beforehand planning for a good execution.

  • The game coordinator randomly assigns a player to other player i.e the coordinator tells the player whom s/he should buy presents to.
  • Each person buys a gift of similar price value which they intend to give to one of the players ( The receiving person should not know the identity of the giver).
  • The gifts are collected, parceled and kept in the vicinity of the players ( The giver writes the name of the person who should receive the gifts in the parcel box).
  • Now one by one each player takes the parcel box intended to them and after looking at the present, they must guess the identity of the giver.

Key Takeaways:

  • Try not to disclose your identity at any cost before the game. It pretty much damages the whole game vibe of secret Santa.
  • Try to make this game a minimalist team bonding activity. It does not look nice if the gifts are disproportionately priced.
  • As a receiver, try to picture the person who might have thought about giving the gift. If you receive a harmonica, it must be from someone who loves music.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Secret Santa helps to bring out the shy ones from the group into the light as they can fully express themselves in the form of gift they purchase.
  • This game teaches about the joy of giving and the power of festivals itself. It’s always nice to see someone happy because of gift you purchased for the person.