Shootout team building game

Shootout is a great ice-breaker game and a fun team building activity. It is hugely effective for kids as well as a newly formed team. It is a fun way to quickly get to know the members of the team as well as bond with them.


Equipment: None

Group Size: 5-10

Time: 10-20 minutes

Effective Age Group: 5 and above

Game-play Instructions:

  • Arrange the players in a circle.
  • Every player in the circle is either a cowboy or a cowgirl so they all have gun (hand gesture)
  • Ask all the players to test their pistols (have them shoot in the air  not yet to other players)
  • While everybody is having fun with their hand pistol, name a player from the circle.
  • The player whose name is called needs to drop to the floor as soon as possible and if he fails to do that he dies immediately (preferably with a grueling sound)
  • Now the neighbors take their shot with the player. If the player is down before any guns fired, the last person to shoot dies.
  • For every shot, there should at least be one victim, if there is confusion about who shot first, every one of them spontaneously dies.
  • Keep on doing this until only two players are left. The two players now come to the center of the room. And with a sign start to turn back and move away from each other.
  • Now with a sign, like READY or Coin Drop, the players turn as quickly as they can and shoot the player.
  • The player who shoot first wins the game. If it’s not exactly sure who shot first, they both die and are joint winners.


While there are two players left, all of the previously dead members shoot at their will and the player who comes in the way of the cross-fire is instantly dead.

Key Takeaways:

The shot can only be fired after the player has made a complete 360 degree turn.

Learning Outcomes

  • Shootout as an ice-breaker helps players to learn names of everybody in the group.
  • This game also puts the listening skill of the players into the test.
  • Quick Thinking and Decision Making skills are also honed by this game.