Sixes Drinking Games

Sixes Drinking Game

Sixes is a dice based drinking game where you have to do drinking related activities depending upon the outcome of the die.

Requirements: Alcoholic Beverage of your choice and a die.

How to play Sixes Drinking Game?

  • Take six empty cups. Fill four of them with booze and leave the other two empty.
  • Mark the cups with numbers from 1-6.
  • On your turn, roll the die and get yourself a number.
  • If the number you’ve picked matches with the empty glass, you should fill it with booze (as much as you like) and assign it to any player you like.
  • If the number you’ve picked matches with glass with booze, you must consume the alcohol in your glass.


  • This game can be played with several variations. You can add your own rules to the dice if you like. For example, put a ping pong ball in one of the glass and if that glass is picked, the player should do a waterfall.
  • You can also play this game with three types of alcohol (whiskey, vodka and beer). Fill every glass with two of each. Number the glasses and roll the dice. Drink the cup whose number tallies with the dice.
  • Another variation of this game can be played by throwing dice twice. If you can not add up to 8 in two throws then you must take a drink. If you get 8-10 in two throws, you can assign a drink to any person in the room. If you get 11, everybody should take a shot and if you get a full house 12, everybody else takes 3 shots.