Something Old, Something New

Something old something new team game

Something Old Something New recreates the scene of marriage and this game justifies the adage: ‘Something Old Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue’. It is a traditional rhyme that suggest bride should wear the things mentioned above for good luck.

The old item is supposed to protect something new i.e. the future baby. The borrowed item is supposed to provide good luck for the new born. Blue being the sign of fidelity, something blue is supposed to protect her husband from other women.

This game is fun to play at parties and serves as a great icebreaker for adults.


Time: 20-30 minutes

Equipment: None

Group Size: 5 people

How to play Something Old, Something New?

  • A player among the group of five is chosen to be bride. S/he is sent to the next room. While the remaining four think of material they would give to the bride each reminiscent of the theme something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.
  • The bride is then called from the other room and asked to guess each player’s items.
  • The trick is the players can not directly tell what they have, they should tell via other medium. For example, if a player has something old per say, a cassette tape then s/he can sing a song from the 80’s. Or if something borrowed is money, you can put a hand to your pockets.
  • The game ends when the bride has correctly guessed all the items.

Key Takeaways:

  • Being the material as opposed to trying to explain the material with a hint adds whole lot of fun to the game.
  • Trying to hint bride about other player’s material is also fun and challenging.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Since you are not explicitly telling the bride about the material you possess, this game helps to increase your power of using allusions.
  • The power of explanation is also tested by this game as you have to go to depths trying to make the bride understand.
  • The name of the game is a cultural anecdote itself.