15 Coolest Team Building Activities for Teens

Team building is a conscious effort expended for the common good.  The common good could be common goal or a common motive. Psychologists emphasize the significance of team building in creating a trusting, fair environment. They have defined team building activities as a process of finding a way to cooperate and work together instead of working against each other.

Games, role playing, talks and reviews are the general operatives of team building. Within these operatives, all human being, including teens, learns a way to communicate ideas to achieve the common good.

That said, there are none one-size-fit-all methods to foster the process into all age group; special mention goes to rebellious, risky wankers, intellectually growing teens.

Teens, in general, are always on process of educating themselves through schools and colleges. They are at a valid position to make life decision. Their abstract ability is on constant rise. However, kids and adults are just at the extreme end of this picture. Kids are docile while adults are diplomatic. Kids are impractical and imprudent while practicality and prudence are long associated with adulthood.

Therefore, under these accepted premises, the concept of universal tool that would help foster the process of team building in all age level is unrealizable due to varied level of psychological and intuitive development.

Explore our list of 15 coolest team building activities for teens below:


This game encourages communication and trust from the participants. The game asks the team of two to cross a field or open space. The open space is implanted with objects which are veritable mines and therefore should not be touched while crossing the field.

The one from the team is blindfolded and is instructed by the only remaining on how to cross without falling over the mines. The team that completes the task correctly wins the game.

The prime give-aways include the learning to trust other and navigating your way through potential dangers.

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Cards Against Humanity (C.A.H.)

Cards Against Humanity

C.A.H. is game played around risqué, politically incorrect, and equally offensive premises. The game-play asks the player to fill in the blanks with great ridicule. The ridiculousness and the preposterousness are the basic judge to get a point. The game facilitate a supervisor who reviews the answer and estimate its winning worth.

The game adjusts creative, sarcastic juices with solids of sense of humor.

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Fireman’s Relay

Fireman's Relay

The game is mishmash of Treasure hunt and relay race. The game asks the team of contestant to collect a set of scattered items in a field. Then the contestants should fill a bucket present at the end of the field with their “collectible”.   Afterward the bucket should be brought to the start point. The team that completes the task in least time becomes victor.

The game-play demands athleticism and agility from each contestant. The physical health of the participating teens strengthen as a result.

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Newspaper Tower Game

Newspaper Tower Game

The official setting of this architecture-inspired game asks the team of contestant to come up with towers made from just newspaper. For gluing each cut pieces together, either tapes or staplers are provided to the team. The team that shows the longest tower claims the game.

The game-play demands the showcase of abundance coordination from its contesting team. A mismanaged team is always at losing ends. Therefore, a bit of chances are available in the game to expand the leadership knowledge base.

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mafia team game

Mafia is game played to delve into arts of persuasion, guile and hunch-driven accusation that one have. The game-play is simple- from distributed set of cards or cued papers, police need to work unitedly and unintentionally to catch the mafia. As mafias know each other secret, they attempt with diverging focus to frustrate the police’s procedures.

The game will strengthen the persuasive power in the participant.

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Human Knot

The human knot game

The game is played with a motive of working together in close physical proximity. The game asks the players who have previously attached and entangled with each in others by hands. The competitiveness gradient can be increased by blindfolding some of the players or by disallowing talks while disentangling themselves.

The game-play demands coordination and formulation and implementation of singular group policies from the contestant.  The contestant who acts in coordination wins the game.

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Sardines Game

Sardines Game: A reverse hide and seek

The game is hide and seek played in the reverse- one players hide and everyone else searches for the hiding person. Whenever other player find the hidden person, the player also hides with initially hidden person in the same place. In this way, the number of hiding person increases, while number of searchers decreases. The last searcher is eliminated or deducted a point or given a chance to hide. The game can be prolonged as you like or can be concluded by setting a limit to score secured by the contestants.

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Knife Baby Wolf


It is a throw and catch game. A player is asked to thrown a phony knife to other player. The thrower should make an eye contact with the receiver. Meanwhile another player also toss a phony baby around. Now it’s time for the introduction of wolf.

How are you going to save your baby from knife and wolf?

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 4-Way Tug of War

4-way tug of war

The game measures physical and strategic input one makes to exhibit own strength and wits.  The game asks the participant to hull and take others to own ‘territory’. The means to achieve that is simple- a tightly knotted four pieces of ropes are given to a team of four players, who are placed facing one another in the four direction. Once started, each player should pull the rope with force enough to overcome resistances offered by others.

The maximum counts of forced entry to whoever player’s territory wins the game.

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Toxic Waste

Toxic Waste`

The game is true measure of physical coordination and concerted efforts a team could successfully invest in a physical task.

It involves moving out a bucket which is imagined to contain toxic waste. Water may be thought to be the waste. The means to do that are ropes and strings. There are time limits and radiation safe zone to ante up the gaming experience.

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Blind Drawing

Blind DrawingWintry days or slumber part are the ideal scenario to play blind drawing. Drawing sheets and writing instruments (pens, pencils, or crayons) are the basic requirements.

The game-play is to ask the participants to draw a picture according to instruction given by the team leader. The only catch is that the participant should draw the picture in dimly or darkly lighted setting.   The results are humorously hysterical.

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Member berries

Member Berries- A game about nostalgia

Member berries is the game that is meant to inspire the nostalgia and old memories. The player should withdraw coin from a Memory jar (an ordinary jar that has coins in it). The time the coin was minted will then be read by the picker in the format as- Member + years written.   For example, if the year is 2010, the picker should tell member 2010. Then other remaining player should imitate him. The picker then commemorate an event from the year. The other player should add untold stories from the same following on the picker’s choice.

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 Human Spelling

Human Spelling game

The game is premised on the ability to gesture a word using own body. A player is asked to convey a meaningful word to other participant using only the body posturing.  If the player is able to convey the actual word, a point is awarded to the player. The failure may deduct earned points, or any other thing as per your rule. The player with highest point takes away the game.

The game plays a definitive role to increase the postural awareness and help to flow the body orientation.

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The Shrinking Universe

The Shrinking UniverseThe Shrinking Universe is a fun game about adjusting your body inside the perpetually shrinking universe.

With the help of ropes, create an universe of your own. Now gradually reduce the size of the circle until the participants need to find a solid support to balance their bodies.

This game is often taken positively by teens and they enjoy playing it. The shrinking universe, in addition to a team building game is also a fun exercise for everybody.

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The Egg Drop

Classic Egg Drop GameThe point is to protect egg from being crushed as it is being dropped from 10+ feet height. Any armoury layers is permitted. You may show your creative hacks and minimalist nature.

This game helps teens to explore their creative side and be clever if necessary. It encourages healthy competition and innovation.

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Have you participated in any of these games? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments below.