Tell Tale Die

Tell Tale Die as a team building game

Tell Tale Die is a more of a rhetorical team building game that requires improvisational storytelling. It is a perfect icebreaker for you if you want to engage in a rather intellectual team activity.


Time: 20-30 minutes


Group Size: 5-10 people

Effective Age-Group: 15 and above

How to play Tell Tale Die?

  • Arrange your group in a circle. Select the first person to improvise a story right at that moment.
  • The remaining players except the player to his right (or left according to your preference) can ask him to stop at any moment.
  • The adjoining player then has to continue from the point the first payer left and the game goes on.
  • The players except the story-teller and the adjoining player are the judge of the story, if the majority does not like the story being told, they can kill the story teller by saying ‘die’.

Key Takeaways:

  • Try to make the story flawlessly fitting. Ask the players not to deviate from the plot.
  • No personal bias please. Stick to the story and keep your personal bias at bay.
  • Respect the majority while killing a player.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Tell Tale die greatly increases your improvisational skill as you have to improvise the settings of the story right at the drop of hat.
  • This game also builds up your power of imagination as you’re under pressure to deliver the fitting continuation to your friend’s imagination.
  • You also get to judge your friend’s story and find out other branches you could have overlooked.