The Shrinking Universe

Shrinking Universe Team Game

This game contradicts the general belief that Universe in always expanding. Instead, the Universe is always shrinking in this game.

The Shrinking Universe is a great icebreaker and a fun team building activity for people of all ages.


Time: 20-30 minutes

Equipment: Rope, Waterproof cloth, Shoe laces, carpet

Group Size: 5-10 people

Effective Age: 15 and above

Game-play Instructions:

(This game requires a conductor so you can take turn being one)

  • Except for the conductor, everybody fits in a circle (Universe) usually made by rope with tarpaulin (waterproof clothing) and shoelaces.
  • After everybody has fitted inside the circle, round one is complete.
  • In round two, the conductor decreases the diameter of circle, so it is marginally smaller.
  • The conductor then continues shrinking the circle until the players need to find a heavy support to rest their body weight.

Key Takeaways:

  • The conductor should make sure the decrease in the diameter is gradual and not abrupt.
  • The conductor should continuously tell the players to try harder to fit into the circles.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Since this game is a team effort, it increases cooperation between the players.
  • The game also helps for better communication.
  • It’s all about setting the goal and achieving it. So it helps in setting up larger targets little by little.