Who am I?

Who am I--A great icebreaker for kids

Who am I is a great ice breaking activity for kids. It helps children explore their creativity as well as provides a fun platform for the kids to introduce themselves.


Equipment: A sound recorder

Group Size: 5-15 (The more the merrier)

Time: 5-10 minutes

Effective Age Group: 4 and above

How to play Who am I?

  • The facilitator of the game takes kids one by one to a separate room where they can not be overheard. S/he then asks the kids to describe themselves in 4 or 5 sentences.
  • The description should not include the names and should end with the kid questioning his/her identity.

For example: The kid goes like, Hello, I have a blonde hair, I like chocolates, My father works at rubber factory, I am wearing grey socks, who am I?

  • After the facilitator is done recording the kids, s/he asks all the kids to stay together in a circle.
  • The facilitator now plays the clip one by one and the kids should guess who the person is.
  • Award a point for each correct guess and the player with maximum number of points wins the game.

Key Takeaways:

  • Since kids are pretty sharp with voice recognition, ask the kids to change their voice while the recording is being done.
  • Ask kids to include their lesser known details. Like, Hi I have a pet dog name Boxer

Learning Outcomes:

  • It helps to bring the introvert kids out of their shells.
  • The kids can know a great deal about each other through the recorded sentences.
  • It also helps bolstering the power of observation and deductive reasoning in kids.